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C.B.S.E. aligned syllabus upto Class V & A.P. State syllabus from Class VI (but the students are taught concepts from other syllabi also as and when required). Integrated Syllabus books (with focus on JEE & NEET foundation) specially published by Goyal Brothers are prescribed for Classes VI - IX for Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology for the academic year 2012-13.

Teaching Staff:
A team of qualified, experienced, dedicated teaching staff forms the backbone of Kennedy. Most of them are graduates / postgraduates with B.Ed / Pandit training in their subjects. And they undergo intensive teacher training programmes at Kennedy under the guidance of experts in field. Almost all the teachers are computer literates & updated with latest technology in pedagogy.

Exams / Assessments:
Slip tests & Talent tests are conducted for students of classes I - V regularly. WorkSheets & Assessments in different forms are given to students of classes VI - IX. Daily Tests are conducted for students of Class X. Question papers of term end exams viz., Quarterly, Half-yearly & Annual exams are prepared by the headmistress / principal.

Study Hours:
Study hours are conducted for students of Classes VI - IX from 5.00p.m. to 7.00p.m.
Tuitions are neither conducted nor encouraged for students below Class V.

IIT Foundation:
IIT-JEE Foundation is given to the interested students of classes VI to X through SPAES under the guidance of Dr. Chukka Ramaiah.

Computer Education:
Students from Class I are given necessary computer education. Internet concepts are taught from Class VI. Kennedy has more than 100 systems for students use.

All computer systems in the school are backed up by high speed broadband internet connection. eMails are provided to students of higher classes and they are encouraged to browse & enhance their knowledge.

ICT Theatre:
A 70 seating capacity room equipped with state of the art AV facilities along with DLP projector, Bose Audio, Interactive Board, Document Camera, Voting System is housed in Global Campus.

Interactive Technology:
i-Classes/e-Classes/Digital/Smart - Kennedy has about 25 of them - 10 in Merit Campus, 5 in Global Campus and 10 in NextGen Campus. Multimedia Digital Content provided by Tata ClassEdge, Next Education, Edurite, Yenka Crocodile Clips, ... is available for use in these rooms.

Language Lab:
English Language Lab supported by WordsWorth is available in an exclusive 30 seater lab in Merit Campus and in the Computer Labs in Global & NextGen campuses. Students are encouraged to enhance their language skills at their own pace.

Digital Library:
The digital library houses about 6000 books with Reference, G.K., Magazines, Comics, Fiction and non-fiction books that caters to the varying reading levels of students of different classes. Students can borrow and take library books to their houses. Computers with internet, Tata Class Edge lessons and digitized versions of books are available in the library.

Practical Knowledge:
Lessons are taught using different teaching aids. Students are made to do the activities given in the lessons. Kennedy has acquired large number of CD's & DVD's, fibre models, charts, chemicals and all other equipment & material required. KG & Primary students are taken to Field Trips (Agricultural farms, milk dairy, hospitals, bus stand, railway, police, fire stations, post office, park, market, cloth industry etc)
The school has a well-equipped Science Laboratory to conduct science experiments and activities. The lab thus supports the activity-based approach at Kennedy and makes learning far more significant and stimulating.

House System:
Students are grouped into Houses to reinforce fraternal bonds and the spirit of camaraderie. There are four houses symbolizing the colours Red, Green, Blue and Yellow respectively. Many Inter-house competitions are conducted throughout the year as these events foster a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork.

Communication & Public Speaking Skills:
Kennedy lays emphasis on spoken English. Daily Assembly is conducted with 3-4 speakers from each class speaking on a topic for about 2-4 minutes along with a M.C. and a News Reader. Speakers' performance is judged daily and the best performers are awarded.
Students are trained to participate in different elocutions, debates, declamations etc.
Students are encouraged to present their artistic & writing skills in KennPedia - Kennedy's newsletter

Five Clubs - Literary, Cultural, Health, Sports & Media clubs are organized for the academic year 2012-13. Students of Classes VI to IX will be a member of any one club of their choice.

Under the guidance of advisor Dr. Kalyan, Kennedy gives importance to the health of the child. Students & parents are informed of the essential nutrients for a balanced & healthy diet. As part of creating health consciousness & physical fitness, a Fitness Centre was set up in the premises with good number of cardio, slimming & strengthening equipments for use by high school children. A Gym instructor assists the students in improving their fitness.
High school students are also taught Yoga: & meditation on a regular basis. Kennedians represented District & State at various Yoga competitions.

Sports & Games:
Kennedy encourages a healthy balance of work and play. Students are encouraged to experience the challenge and reward of sport, spirit of participation and pursuit of excellence through the diverse sports programme available at the school. Many students participated in district and state level competitions and brought laurels to the school.
We partnered with EduSports, India's first & largest Sports Education company to hone the physical skills of our primary students.
Outdoor Games: Students from Class IV onwards are taken to Stadium and are given coaching in football, basketball, volley ball, athletics etc by district level coaches. Kennedy Annual Sports Meet is conducted in a way similar to National & Olympic Games.

Drawing, Dance & Karate:
A drawing instructor with good qualification & experience is available to prepare the students interested in Art & Drawing. Western dance & Karate / Taekwondo are imparted to the interested students after school hours.

Abacus & Mind Maths classes are conducted to the interested students of primary classes during school hours

Science Exhibition:
A Science Exhibition is conducted every alternate year. Kennedy Science Exhibitions were famous for the special exhibits like melting man, horror show, head without body etc and were acclaimed as the best and highly visited exhibitions conducted by the students from a single school. About 50,000 students, teachers, parents visited Kennedy during the last 3 Science Exhibitions.

Maths Olympiad:
Kennedy has been conducting Maths Olympiad on the occasion of the great Indian Mathematician Sri Srinivas Ramanujan's birth anniversary in December every year since 2004. Thousands of students from Guntur, Prakasam, Krishna, Khammam & Nalgonda districts are competing in the Maths Olympiad. Cash prizes worth about a Lakh rupees is distributed to the rankers in Kennedy Maths Olympiad.

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